Tuesday, October 11, 2011

First Post

You may be asking, "why a third blog?!?" I already have my personal blog where I mostly describe my son's monthly development and talk about family outings and events. I have my fine art blog where I write about my painting, drawing, and art history interests.

So why a third? Well, my husband and I are doing some interesting renovation and home design projects, and I do some crafting every once in a while. I want to share these projects without subjecting strangers to my baby's milestones or bogging down my fine art site with craft (not to say that craft and design aren't as important as 2D/"fine" art, but if someone comes to www.casdelcisneros.com to look at my paintings, I don't necessarily want them to find kitchen backsplash pictures and paper chains).

And if you're suuuuper perceptive, you may have realized I'm thinking that if my crafting is popular on the interwebs and on sites like Pinterest, it might bring attention to my fine art site, and I might sell some paintings on Esty. You never know. {:

By the way, I only intend to update this blog sporadically, as I have something to post. On my fine art blog, I have a blogging schedule of three posts a week that I stick to quite faithfully. If you like regularity, this isn't your blog, this is. Wow. I really crack myself up sometimes.

Now instead of posting a craft on www.casdelcisneros.com and apologizing, I'll just write a line of explanation and link it. Similarly, I'll be able to link from my personal website here, so the family who follows that site can see my crafting (and our home design!).

I may also stick non-art/non-craft/non-design posts here. For example, I'm considering writing about all the TV and movie gems we've discovered on Netflix Instant Watch. No need for a post like that to be private, but it's certainly not fine art. {: 

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