Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Colorful Animal Friends

I have a few new projects that are one step away from being done, but I wanted to post something, so you know the kind of shape this blog will take, my tone, etc.

Let's talk colorful animal lawn ornaments!

I thought of this project when I was planning my wedding. I'm a believer in the principle that doing a few big decorations is more memorable for the guests, easier for the host, and potentially more beautiful than doing a bunch of little, fiddly decorations.

When we got engaged, we set our wedding date for May 29th 2010. A spring wedding in a park. I thought buying (or stealing/borrowing) animal lawn ornaments and spray painting them fun, spring colors would make for AWESOME center pieces (or decorations down the center of loooong picnic tables).

I had found and painted two animals when we had to reschedule our wedding for December. The animals didn't seem appropriate for a winter wedding, and besides, my wonderful in-laws basically planned our whole wedding because I was in NO MOOD to plan a wedding (hmmm . . . what is she getting at?).

BUT, when it was time to plan our April baby shower (ah-ha!), I thought the animals would be a perfect addition to the shower tables.

I found and painted two more animals before the party.

Animal lawn ornaments are surprisingly hard to find, and when you do find them in a retail location (like OSH, Miner's, or Ross), they're more expensive than you might think. So we used a combination of the animals and colorful pots and flowers (we already had the pots).

I'm not saying this has to be an expensive project. It could be really cheap if you find animals at a yard sale or flea market (our Ross find was pretty cheap).

AND, unlike most center pieces, these can be re-purposed! We love having ours out in the yard. They're a fun play on the lawn ornament tradition.

I think especially fun if you have kids or grand kids!

The only bit of "tutorial" advice I have is, you're going to need to do quite a few coats. Animals have all sorts of nooks and crannies, and you'll need to get the paint in from every direction multiple times. It's best to do it over a few days, and just give a few coats a day. I used both satin and glossy paints. Both work. I'm usually a "matte" girl, though.

I hope this inspires you!

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