Monday, January 23, 2012

Baby Hand Santa Ornament

This is my last holiday-related blog post hooray!!

It's not considered late if it's posted before the end of January, right? It's still "the holidays." {:

We made these hand print keepsake ornaments for ourselves and for both sets of grandparents. Being not-wealthy, and having parents who don't want or need many things, we end up giving them a lot of pictures of the babe and craft projects that he "helped with."

Once again, I found this idea on Pinterest (man oh man—I promise, the NEXT thing I do will not be something I first saw on Pinterest!).

The inspiration piece was actual ceramic, but being that I don't have a kiln, I had to find an alternative.

First I tried using this stuff called Amazing Clay (was going to link to their website, but I can't find a website—not surprising!). It comes as a powder and you add water. Then it's supposed to dry hard over night. Well, it didn't. The next morning it was still soft and had already started cracking, and I knew it wouldn't work for this project.

So I went on to a salt/flour dough. My parents put a salt/flour dough ornament on their tree every year that I made for them in maybe 1st grade? So I know they last long enough if you're careful with them.

I also like the folksiness of the salt/flour dough and the fact that you can add color! Maybe you can with the Amazing Clay, but I wasn't about the mess with the chemistry.

Adding the green meant I wouldn't need to paint the ornament before painting Santa on.

That Nest of Posies blog author said she baked her ornaments at 150° for 1 hour. Wha?!? Is she in Europe or something? Does she mean Celsius? That would be more like 300°. Better.

I started at 150°, then realized it would take forever (it's like being in a really hot desert), so I bumped it up to 350° for a few hours, then down the 200° or 250° for a couple hours. And they seriously were not completely dry when we gave them at Christmas. Now they seem nice and hard. {:

I painted the Santas with acrylic paint (I use my acrylics more than my oils these days), wrote a little name/date info on the back in fine sharpie, looped a pretty ribbon through the hole (made with a drinking straw, like the tutorial), and voilĂ !


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