Saturday, March 24, 2012

I Knit Something!

I've been learning to knit. I thought it would be a great productive thing to do while Everett played. Then I found out how toddlers like to get all up in your business when you try to do anything crafty (works with computer time too, but there's less yarn to unravel when you're blogging).

But this knitting project was great to have with me during the holidays when we spent a lot of time at my in-laws', and everyone else was playing cribbage or cooking.

I kept bringing this scarf over, and my father-in-law would say, "you're still working on that?!?" Well, I only worked on it there, when other people were entertaining the baby.

It's a super simple scarf, almost not worth sharing, but I haven't shared anything for a while (someday you will be BLOWN AWAY by my lampshades!).

Maybe the take-away from me sharing this is--if you're intimidated by knitting, but want to try--YOU CAN DO IT! I made something cute after a couple days of learning and a couple weeks of knitting (in tiny bits, when I had time). 

This is my second knit project, my second scarf. The first it a holey, crooked, curly mess. But I still want to keep it to remind myself where I started.

If you knit, you'll know there are two basic stitches, the knit and the purl (sort of the knit backwards). The knit is slightly easier and faster--but I still wanted to practice the purl--and if you switch back and forth, all the stitches are going the same way, and the edges curl in on themselves. So I believe I did four knit stitches, then a purl (repeat), to get this pattern.

I'm embarrassed writing about this stuff in case good knitters read it. I'm just such a beginner! 

I'm happy with it. It's pretty. But I don't wear scarves a lot, and I'm intimidated to try for a sweater or anything like that. I don't know, I might learn how to crochet instead. (;

My favorite video tutorials are at Wool and the Gang. She uses HUGE yarn and needles, so it's easy to see the stitches, and she has the cutest accent!

I also like this lady who explains the purl as a train wreck.

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