Saturday, June 1, 2013

Puppet Party!

Over a year ago, I posted about making the invitations to Everett's 2nd birthday party. Well, I guess I should finally blog about it! I got a little sidetracked from blogging when I got pregnant with our daughter. I was actually pregnant during this party. I just didn't know it yet.

Ok, so last year, Everett had a puppet party!

It was such a fun event with family, friends, and food (and some puppets thrown in).

Of course, we had to have a puppet stage. We used the plans from this website to make it. And I'm still amazed we found that awesome material at my parents' church rummage sale! My mom volunteered to do the sewing, which was wonderful of her.

So one of our activities was putting on puppet shows. Here is my dad. He's actually a member of the puppet troupe at our local zoo!

Another activity was making puppets out of paper bags. These doubled as favors, since I'm not big into favors and neither are most of our friends.

 Of course, we had to try the puppets in the puppet stage!

Fortunately, it was a beautiful day, and the kids played outside a lot.

 They played in the water table.

The aspect of the party I spent the most time on was the food, no question. By the way, I made the letters out of scrapbook paper and simply taped them to a length of yard.

All the food looked like animals or faces, and most things were on sticks. We had olive penguins, mini happy face pizzas on sticks, bread stick snakes wrapped around sticks, mozzarella balls made to look like chicks with tomatoes . . . on sticks. Puppet food!

Check out my Pinterest board for sources! 

Of course, I had to make cake pops! They're like cake puppets!! But they were so hard to make and so so so ugly. I will never make them again.

But they were tasty!

It was a fun party! And I hope it inspires somebody someday.

I can't believe this was over a year ago, and my baby boy is already THREE! I'll blog about his third birthday next!

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