Sunday, June 23, 2013

Shower Flowers

My wonderful mother-in-law and best friend Rachel planned and orchestrated our lovely shower for Lydia. But they did ask me to do one thing. Rachel had seen tissue paper flowers at another party and thought they would be a nice addition to the shower, and something I'd be excited to make. She was right! 

This was the invitation (this isn't ours, obviously, it's taken from the Tiny Prints website). I tried to match the colors. I thought it was interesting to have some punches of black at a baby shower, especially for a girl!

This is the blog I got the most inspiration from. She made her flowers to celebrate Cinco De Mayo, which I think is fun. When I was making them I was thinking "a dash baby shower, a dash fiesta."

My biggest deviation from her instructions, I thought they looked better with more than 6 sheets (as many as could still be stapled). Also, I experimented a lot with cutting the ends either curved or pointy to make petals. Those are some of my favorite. The ombre look is good too.

A slightly closer view of the flowers at the front door.

My dad took some fun, Georgia O'Keeffe-esque pictures of the flowers.

They're very light, so they're easy to hang with a piece of tape, as long as you find a good surface to attach them to.

My favorite photo from the day. Looks like there's light coming from the gift. We didn't have our nice camera yet, unfortunately. I'm excited to post some blogs from after the camera entered our life.

The flowers are also great because they store pretty easily. My mother-in-law just threw them all into a couple big garbage bags and put them in her basement. I borrowed them back to use at Everett's third birthday. I just had to fluff them up a bit and they were good as new!

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