Monday, October 28, 2013

Everett's 3rd Birthday: Bug Party!

It took a bit longer to post about Everett's bug party than I expected. But that's what happens when you add an infant to the mix, I guess. Moving on . . .

For Everett's 3rd birthday, we had a bug party!

Favors were a bug jar, net with a name tag, and a paper bag to hold everything. One of the activities was hunting for plastic bugs outside, and these tools were to aid the kids in their search.

I stenciled the bags and made the tags with scrapbooking items.

I was so amused by the food made by my mother, mother-in-law, and myself.

Butterfly pasta salad (made with farfalle pasta), Honeycomb . . .

Pupa peas, tortilla roll snails . . .

Beetle crackers (halved tomato and olive on a cracker with cream cheese), ants on a log . . .

Spider crackers (stick pretzels sticking out of crackers with cream cheese in between and pomegranate eyes), and spiced pecan cockroaches! So awesome.

Our decorations were balloon flowers and origami bugs (made by Brian).

Brian also had the idea to play the movie Microcosmos in the background. It was a great idea, although the bug sex was a bit awkward.

Everett helped by drawing on bunting triangles.

The kids hunted for bugs around our yard.

Better than a basket full of Easter eggs!

Everett asked for a chocolate cake with pink frosting. Perfect! I had wanted to make homemade strawberry frosting, and I decorated it with strawberry butterflies.

I also made butterfly cupcakes.

And you can't have a bug party without DIRT CAKE!!

Kids covered in dirt cake.

Our other genius activity was releasing lady bugs. I'll save you the sight of lady bugs all over the sidewalk, my father hurrying around to save them all.

John and Brian stunned by the number of bugs.

 Jerad and Miller release a lady bug. Action shot!

Our wonderful friend Anna was kind enough to lead the kids in spider web parachuting. I was ready to crash by this time.

One last shot. The birthday boy with his baby lady bug sister.

It was such a great time.

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